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Resident Responsibility

Please keep grass clippings away from water and keep your trees trimmed so branches don’t overhang the waterways, hindering boating navigation right-of-way.

Also, please maintain your docks.


Lake Interlochen Homeowners Association

Lake Interlochen Homeowners Association is an association established for the maintenance and upkeep of the canal system. This includes the impound and dam on Rush Creek and the inflow and outflow structures in our lake. It also has come to include water issues, wildlife management and other lake issues. Members of the association are made up of homeowners who live on the lake. Their properties extend to the center of the waterways and they grant an easement to the association for use by other members.

City of Arlington, Tx

Local Arlington Police Contacts:
Reporting crimes – Sgt. Greg Waldron 817.459.6059
Community Support Officer – Douglas Glotfelty


Ralph Sobel
Vernon Porter
Roger Pendleton
Larry Glover
Brenda Cubbage
Bruce Turner
Bryan Keathley
Dot Wightman
Ken Seipel
Nancy Weaver